Detox your to-do list

Who doesn’t love the feeling of ticking things off the ‘to-do’ list?  Get the kids to school. Tick. Hang the washing up. Tick. Answer emails. Tick. Ring the library. Tick. Write the article. This one will probably go on tomorrow’s ‘to do’ list. Sound familiar? The truth is that long ‘to-do’ lists don’t necessarily getContinue reading “Detox your to-do list”

Successful writers know that it’s not about the critics

It can be frightening to publish our writing. Putting something out into the world can make us feel exposed. And we worry about what the critics are going to say. Do you get a chill when you hit publish or send an email to your list? Watch this talk from Brené Brown, expert on courage, vulnerability, shameContinue reading “Successful writers know that it’s not about the critics”

How to write good content quickly (and why you really do need to outline).

Whether it’s for your email list or for your blog, you can speed up the writing process and still create content that adds value and that your audience wants to read.