Focus on being productive rather than ‘busy’ using the Pomodoro® technique.

I’m writing this on a day when I spent two and a half hours on the phone on hold with HMRC (for my international friends, the HMRC is the UK tax office). The worst bit—the automated voice that kept saying ‘please bear with me’.. ARGGHHH Anyway, that stupidly long phone call brings me to theContinue reading “Focus on being productive rather than ‘busy’ using the Pomodoro® technique.”

Detox your to-do list

Who doesn’t love the feeling of ticking things off the ‘to-do’ list?  Get the kids to school. Tick. Hang the washing up. Tick. Answer emails. Tick. Ring the library. Tick. Write the article. This one will probably go on tomorrow’s ‘to do’ list. Sound familiar? The truth is that long ‘to-do’ lists don’t necessarily getContinue reading “Detox your to-do list”