Lizzy, I truly LOVED your writing event! You provided such a fabulous resource to share with us! Thank you for that! It was the simplicity of your questions that helped me to gain more clarity on how to describe my book. I am so happy that we connected. Thank you so much! I think you are brilliant and have so much to offer writers!! Connie Wirth, Writer and speaker @truewirth

[I enjoyed] that you gave us specific tasks to do and I came away with a clearer picture of how writing a book might actually happen. You did make writing a book seem easy! I love the workbooks you do. I love the way that you made the structure and content of the book seem doable. I loved the questions that you asked to get us writing. I loved the whole thing!

Emily Teeple Morrison, Infant Swimming Instructor @isremilymorrison

Lizzy has a wonderful way of looking at content and zooming in on where language and sentence structures can be ‘cleaned up’ and made more effective. Thank you so much for your help with this Lizzy and for your super speedy response!! I couldn’t have done it without your phenomenal editing skills!! I love how you have tightened the piece up, so thank you again! I look forward to working with you again soon, Lizzy.

Joli Knott, Astrologer, Bodhi mindful. https://www.bodhimindful.com/

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