Chapter One Writing Workshop

Lizzy, I truly LOVED your writing event! You provided such a fabulous resource to share with us! Thank you for that! It was the simplicity of your questions that helped me to gain more clarity on how to describe my book. I am so happy that we connected this week and that I saw your offer! Thank you so much! I think you are brilliant and have so much to offer writers!! Connie

[I enjoyed] that you gave us specific tasks to do and I came away with a clearer picture of how writing a book might actually happen. You did make writing a book seem easy! I love the workbooks you do. I love the way that you made the structure and content of the book seem doable. I loved the questions that you asked to get us writing. I loved the whole thing! Emily

The Daily Writing Habit Workshop

I loved this workshop. (…). Great job! Lots of helpful things- the pomodoro method, the difference between brain dump and deep dive, and that I just need to schedule writing into my calendar! Emily

One-to-one Coaching

Just want to say thanks for your advice today about my paper/presentation and how to get started with an article. I feel less intimidated by the prospect, so thank you! Suzanne

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