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Manuscript appraisal

Feedback on a macro and micro level on your draft, but not too much that it’s overwhelming! A manuscript appraisal (also called a critique) can be a huge help in your writing development and is a great first step if you already have a full draft.

This service is especially useful for first or second time self-publishing authors who may not have access to the same level of editorial support as those traditionally publishing.

In the manuscript appraisal process, I’ll highlight the key areas for editorial attention –saving you time and money!

Developmental editing

Otherwise known as substantive or structural editing. This helps you with the big picture structure in your book so it’s clear, logical and compelling to readers.

Line editing

Otherwise known as stylistic editing or ‘tightening up’. Here we can focus on your language, style and tone (as well as grammar).

Please let me know in the form below as much as you can about your project, the help you’d like, and your likely completion date.

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Lizzy has a wonderful way of looking at content and zooming in on where language and sentence structures can be ‘cleaned up’ and made more effective. Thank you so much for your help with this Lizzy and for your super speedy response!! I couldn’t have done it without your phenomenal editing skills!! I love how you have tightened the piece up, so thank you again! I look forward to working with you again soon, Lizzy.

Joli Knott

I have wanted to write this book for years, but it felt like a lot to take on. I am finally ready and with Lizzy’s help, I have the structure I need to actually make it happen. I feel so much momentum and clarity now. Lizzy has a knack for truly hearing you and then helping you to weave what you’re hoping to say into an authentic message and feel for your book.

Hilary Anthony

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