Your First Chapters & Author Success Plan

1:1 book coaching package with writing coach Dr Lizzy Tanguay

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A three-month book coaching package for coaches, speakers and educators ready to write a book that will teach and transform lives.

Limited spaces available

Your First Chapters & Author Success Plan is a 1:1 coaching package that will give you the solid foundations for success with your non-fiction book for your coaching, consultancy or educational business.

I’ll take you step-by-step through planning your successful book project and writing your first chapters. 

By the end of our time together, you’ll have the confidence and skills to get that book or book proposal written and a clear roadmap for success, tailored to your book project. 

From coach to thought leader

Your First Chapters & Author Success Plan

This is for you if:

You’re an expert in your field and you’ve been working with clients or teaching others for some time;

You’re ready to write a book that will position you as a thought leader, so you can reach more people, impact more lives and cut through the noise in the online coaching space or,

You have a messy draft that needs pulling into shape so you can finally get it out into the world!

Whether you are

  • A coach running a group programme or 1:1 programme that leads your clients to achieve a transformation or result
  • An instructor or educator with a wealth of knowledge in your subject
  • An educator turned entrepreneur, ready to bring your expertise to a wider audience

I can help!

 Your First Chapters & Author Success Plan is a fully supported 1:1 journey giving you the confidence, clarity and tools you need to get your book written.

 By the end of our time together you will:

  • have nailed your winning book message that aligns with your vision for your business or career
  • know that you are writing the right book
  • know where to position your book in the market
  • have a complete plan for your book project from start to finish
  • have a clear idea about your route to publication and how to proceed
  • have completed or polished your first chapters ready to include in a book proposal or in your self-published book
  • have the confidence, skills and writing tools to continue along your author journey
  • know that you have what it takes to write your book and have taken some of the hardest first steps
  • be writing regularly
  • be calling yourself a writer (if you’re not already!)

You may achieve more in our time together depending on your personal circumstances and how much work you have already done on your book..

While I’ve worked with many writers over the years, and am open to hearing about different non-fiction book projects, I am particularly interested in working with clients on personal finance, education, health and personal-development books.

I’d love to hear about your project and see if we’re a good fit. If not, I’ll do my best to point you toward a colleague who can help!

Hilary Anthony, Equine Guided Practitioner and Holistic Coach

I have wanted to write this book for years, but it felt like a lot to take on. I am finally ready and with Lizzy’s help, I have the structure I need to actually make it happen.

I feel so much momentum and clarity now. Lizzy has a knack for truly hearing you and then helping you to weave what you’re hoping to say into an authentic message and feel for your book. I can’t wait to work with her more! Hilary

When you register for the Your First Chapters and Author Success Plan 1:1 coaching package, you will:

Nail the message of your book and write a working blurb for your book

This is a crucial step whether you want to self publish or traditionally publish your book. Gaining clarity on why you are writing your book, who it’s for, and what’s unique about it, will guide you through the writing process and is a key part of pitching and launching your book.

Outline your chapters

Key to writing a successful draft of a non-fiction book without agony is having a detailed (but flexible) outline to start with. That way, whenever you sit down to write, you’ll know what you’re supposed to be working on, where to start and how to write.

Get clear on what you’ll to include in each chapter and how you’ll structure your chapters

As well as knowing the key themes and teaching points for each chapter, it’s important to work out a structure that will work for your book and your audience.

Write your first chapters

You’ll have a go at writing at least one of your chapters during our time together. I would advise that you complete at least one middle chapter, rather than only the introduction. Working through at least one middle chapter will give you a clear approach to tackling the remainder of the book. If you later want to submit a proposal, you’ll be in an excellent position as you’ll have already written effective sample chapters (usually, you’d need 2-3 sample chapters for a non-fiction proposal).

Choose the stories and lessons to fit your book

I’m pretty certain you have more stories and ideas in your head than you’ll be able to include in your book. Let’s pull out the best or decide which to save for book two!

Perfect YOUR style and voice. In a safe, 1:1 container, we’ll work together to help you develop the style and voice that is authentic to you

By submitting work regularly and getting professional eyes on your work, you’ll improve your writing style as you write your book, giving you the confidence to continue writing. No ‘group-think’ peer feedback here!

Know how to weave expertise and authority into your book

As an expert in your field, bringing other work into your book will be crucial in positioning you as an authority in your niche. Let’s do this in a way that is engaging to your audience and also shows your unique approach.

Plan your author journey and publishing route

Depending on your goals for your book as well as how quickly you want to publish it, we’ll work out the best route for your author journey. 

Work on building your author platform

Whichever route to publishing you take, building your audience is key to the success of your book project. Alongside writing, you can start to build your author platform if you haven’t already and we’ll discuss the best ways for you to do this.

By the end of our time together, you will have

  • A clear message for your book
  • A working blurb
  • An outline for your book
  • Chapter draft(s)
  • A clear plan for your author journey
  • An author platform plan
  • Confidence in YOUR writing style and voice
  • A regular writing habit
  • A commitment to finishing your book

This 1:1 coaching package includes

  • 3 months of 1:1 coaching sessions (6 sessions over 3 months)
  • Feedback on all drafts/ outlines produced during our time together
  • Office hours What’s App support. This support will allow me to help with queries/ challenges on:
    • writing (and motivation to keep you on track)
    • ideas
    • outlining
    •  tightening your message
    •  drafts
    • author platform
    • book and chapter outlines
    • publishing routes  …. and more

PLUS this package also includes free access to my 5* Udemy course, Blogging for Coaches, Consultants and Educators:

Blogging and writing online articles are effective ways to build your platform and show potential agents and publishers that you have what it takes to write a book.  

Publishing online is a great way to practice getting your work out into the world and to see what resonates with your audience while honing your style. 

This course will help you nail your topics and understand the difference in writing style required for an online readership compared to your book. 

If you don’t intend to start your own blog, you can post easily for free on sites like Medium without even having a website.

Book a call with me today if you want 2023 to be the year you start writing consistently in a way that works for you and step into your author identity!


£350 per month.


What if I don’t have time to write?

Because I’m a business owner, a mum and a university lecturer, I’m all about saving time when it comes to writing! We’ll find a way for you to fit writing into your schedule in a way that works for you, and the regular submission deadlines we agree on will keep you accountable. Remember, that by doing the work of writing a book now, you’ll be building a legacy that you’ll be able to leverage indefinitely. 

How long will it take to implement what you teach me?

Because we’ll be meeting regularly, you’ll  implement teaching from our coaching sessions as we go along. I have almost two decades experience of teaching writing, and I know that the route to success isn’t to teach you about writing and then send you off on your merry way, but to give you feedback, support and accountability as you write.  Time needed to implement the steps depends on the individual, but I would not recommend signing up for this package unless you are willing to devote at least 5 hours per week to your book.

I don’t feel confident with my writing

I have worked with writers of all skill levels, and I firmly believe that if you are reading this, you can learn to write well. One of my biggest joys is seeing my writers self-critiquing their writing after working with me for a short time!

I feel overwhelmed by all the ideas in my head

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your ideas, a 1:1 package is perfect for you. My zone of genius is helping writers get their complicated ideas onto the page using my talk.write.done approach. 

If I’m traditionally publishing will I still need to build an author platform?

Yes, when you approach an agent or publisher, you’ll need to have a strong platform and our work together will help you plan this essential step and start building your author platform.

I don’t know whether I want to self publish or traditionally publish my book, is this for me?

What hours will we meet?

I am based in the UK and generally hold calls in my morning/ afternoon.  I also hold client calls two evenings per week. I am able to give feedback using video and screen capture if preferred although at least two live coaching calls are recommended. 

Do you work with fiction writers? 

No, different skills and a different publishing process are required for fiction and this is not something I focus on.

Not sure if I’m the right coach for you?

If you book the package, you still have 14 days to get a full refund, or 14 days after our first 1:1.

Not sure if you’re ready to write a book?

You know you have a message that you need to share, something to teach others and you are ready to raise your voice and make an impact but aren’t sure you’re ready to write a book?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about writing your book in the past or have tried writing programmes and groups and these haven’t worked for you. 

I know you have the courage and tenacity to succeed. 

I won’t promise it’ll be easy, but it’ll be a hell of a lot easier with me than if you go it alone.

I’m not here just to look at your words, but also to help you gain the confidence and clarity to know that you ARE a writer. 

Feedback is crucial to learning to be a good writer, but sadly it often does more damage than good.

If I’m not the coach for you, then please make sure you get feedback on your writing and your book project from someone who knows what they’re talking about!

I won’t just teach you how to write; you’ll get the work done too.

If you already know you’d like to work with me to make some serious progress on that book project, then you can email me to check availability and reserve your spot.

Shirley Chang @shirleychangbooks

As a first-time author, I was given valuable advice not only about my book and on how to keep writing, but also to start my author platform.

As a result of our sessions, I started writing consistently and would encourage anyone thinking about book coaching to get in touch with Lizzy.

Thank you Lizzy, I love your excellent communications and being willing to look over my work to provide a better direction for where my draft is heading. Shirley

Shirley Chang @shirleychangbooks

As a writing coach, my mission is to help more expert business owners and educators share their message with the world and impact more lives.

In a world of instant gratification, internet influencers, and the 5-minute- transformation promise, I work with tomorrow’s thought leaders to produce quality, thoughtful books that have the capacity to provide REAL change and transformation.

Gaining confidence in my writing as well as publishing online and with a top-five publisher in my area of expertise has given me personal satisfaction and professional opportunities that I want you to experience as well! 

I’m here to give you the confidence skills and encouragement you need and the accountability to finally get it done!

New to 1:1 book coaching?

Perhaps you’ve invested money before in book-writing programmes but didn’t get anywhere.

Before you book with me, I want you to know that this is not a ‘promise you will finish your book in three months’ programme.

It’s a 1:1 coaching package that takes a deep dive into getting the foundations for your book project right before you start and sets you off on a winning track. 

If you found a group programme or one-size-fits all aporach to book writing didn’t work for you or you have a jumble of complicated thoughts in your head, then I am the coach for you.

I work with educators, coaches and consultants writing non-fiction books that will teach and transform lives. 

If you want to get some momentum and clarity and make 2023 the year you become an author then let’s chat and see whether we can work together. 

Spaces are limited.

We’ll be working closely together, so to make sure that my approach is right for you and that the project is a good fit for my expertise, please book a free, no obligation call now or drop me an email.


Lisa Tatum-Roehrig, freelance television producer

I am a very self-conscious writer. I had always played with a title, but never had more than a vague idea of what the actual book could be about. After talking to Lizzy, I really think I can write a book. She was so helpful. First, she listened then she offered ideas on how to take what I had said and format it into a book. Lizzy’s vibe is calm and kind. If you are wanting to write a book, do yourself a favor and reach out to Lizzy. Lisa

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