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Blogging for coaches, consultants and educators. 

Learn to write engaging and impactful blogposts for your coaching, consulting or educational business.

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Created by Elizabeth Tanguay.
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The goal is not just to write a blog, but to become a writer.

Lizzy is a thoughtful teacher with relevant, easy to understand content and valuable practice steps for true learning and implementation. Her course took me from zero knowledge of blogging to a published blog and stockpile of posts ready to be published!

Lara Kitts, special needs mama, larakitts.com/blog

A blog is your own corner of the web. It provides content that you own, and offers a user journey you can control – unlike the content on your social media accounts. By the way, do you know what percentage of your followers saw your last Instagram story?

A blog can:

  • boost traffic to your website or landing page
  • keep people on your website
  • raise brand awareness
  • position you as a ‘thought leader’
  • build community
  • raise revenue streams
  • allow you to recycle content
  • build an audience
  • increase conversion rate ………………………………..and MORE

If this sounds good to you, check out my beginner’s course to writing blog posts that engage your audience and position you as the go-to expert in your field.

This course takes you step-by-step through the blog planning and writing process.

You’ll nail your topics and decide on the best posts for your educational business.

You’ll learn about style, structure and voice in online writing.

You’ll have the confidence to write different types of posts that are suitable for your online audience.

You’ll learn how to share expert content and tell relevant and compelling stories.

AND, I won’t just teach you how to write your posts, but the course design allows you to follow simple exercises to get the work done.

Course content: 

1. Planning and focus

2. Crafting & structuring posts

3. Compelling story posts

4. Style and voice in online writing

5. Profile posts

6. Review posts

7. Adding value with embedded posts

8. Using sources & writing for a general audience

9. Editing and proofreading your posts

Course resources:

An implementation workbook with step-by-step exercises

Guide on where to include keywords on your post for SEO (search engine optimisation)

A guide to writing engaging titles for your posts

Editing and proofreading checklist

Writing is not just about the words on the page.

That’s why, unlike other blogging courses out there, my approach focuses on the three core writing pillars of mindset, message and craft.

About me: I’m a writing coach and editor and I come from a career teaching writing and applied linguistics at Universities in the UK and Austria. I’ve analysed the content, structure and language of dozens of the most successful blogs. I’ve transitioned from commissioned blog posts for a publisher to writing a blog for my own business and I can share everything I’ve learned along the way.

Let’s get blogging!

Linda M.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
4 months ago

Excellent course on blogging with surprise SEO content at the end. The blogging course is straightforward and simple. I learned everything I wanted, as well as lots that I didn't know I needed, to start my blog. The course left me energized and on my way to publishing my blog. The SEO content was presented in a similar fashion - very simple, yet powerful, tips. Thank you to both of the educators!

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Stephanie R.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
4 months ago

This course explained the blogging process and provided such easy to implement tips. I’ve been blogging for a couple years and this was my first actual course. It showed me places I’ve been making it far too complicated to create content. I enjoyed pausing the lessons to write out ideas and build upon prompts so I was actually creating content as I went. Definitely will be referencing my notes as I continue with my writing and practicing these different types of posts.

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Elizabeth Tanguay

Instructor response • 4 months ago

Thanks so much Stephanie! I'm glad you found the course useful and it's great to hear you created content as you went along.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
4 months ago

Dr. Lizzy Tanguay offers fantastic actionable steps for anyone wanting to connect with their ideal avatar / clients. There will be no more struggling with writers block after you finish this program. The course is packed with information and simplification that motivated me to write more, share more, and has given me more confidence in my writing. Great program.

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Elizabeth Tanguay

Instructor response • 4 months ago

Thanks Tina, I'm so glad that the course motivated you to write and share more!
Sarah Beth H.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
5 months ago

This course was such a great way to get motivated and inspired to write content for my website. I've really improved my writing and already am getting more engagement on my website and a few guest posts!

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Elizabeth Tanguay

Instructor response • 4 months ago

Thanks so much Sarah! I'm glad you enjoyed the course and can't wait to read more of your writing.