Should I publish a workbook for my coaching business?

Have you ever thought about publishing a workbook to create visibility and revenue in your coaching business?

I hadn’t. I love creating workbooks for my classes and programmes.

But I hadn’t thought about how I could adapt and leverage these workbooks to attract more customers and build revenue.

Kim Smith, of Unbelievable Freedom Books talked to my writing group last year about her publishing journey and the practicalities of publishing workbooks.

Publishing Workbooks. A conversation with author and publisher Kim Smith on the talk.write.done podcast.

One of my key takeaways:

do your best work, but if people are waiting for your message, it’s more important that you share it quickly.

Also, publishing a successful book doesn’t have to mean writing 50,000 words. Kim’s beautiful workbooks are around 5000-8000 words and add value for readers in a truly accessible way.

Check out Kim’s website: to see her workbooks and courses.

Listen to the conversation on the podcast or read the transcript here.

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