Why starting a blog will save you time in your biz

I recently made a series of videos for social media.

If you know me, you’ll know this is a massive step for me and way out of my comfort zone.

This time last year, I’d have used any excuse not to appear on camera – haven’t washed my hair… urgently need to alphabetise my clothing or wash out the compost bin.

Cleaning out the compost bin is more fun than videos..

But you know what? The videos weren’t that difficult to make. And here’s the thing, I surprised myself by actually enjoying the process.

It’s because of this blog. Because I have spent the time building up a bank of meaty content (that’s that pinnacle stuff people talk about that has nothing to do with mountains). I am confident that this content is of real value to my audience.

So when I wanted to create my video series, I could just dip into the content I have already planned and written, pick a few topics and make them into videos. BOOM!

This is yet another proof to me that writing a blog actually saves me time in my business. I already knew that blogging gives me enough content for my emails, for my social media posts and for my workshops, and here’s yet another way to recycle that content.

If you’ve been thinking about blogging, do it! Your future self will thank you my friend.

Want to take a peek at my first video? Here it is! Watch out for some more videos in my easy peasy blogging series over the next few weeks by following me on Instagram @lizzytanguay.

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