1:1 book mapping intensive

With Writing Coach, Editor and Applied Linguist Dr Lizzy Tanguay.

Get crystal clear on your winning book idea and create a solid outline with me over two sessions using my talk.write.done approach.

Which book should I write?

How do I plan my book?

How do I start writing my book?

How long will it take me to write a book?

If you need someone to get you started, or have more questions than answers, then a 1:1 book mapping intensive over two sessions to nail the right idea and outline your book could be right for you.

Turn your messy book idea (or multiple ideas) into a laser-focused outline so you can finally start writing that exceptional non-fiction book.

After working with me you will:

✅ know that you are writing the right book for the business you want to build

✅ know who the audience will be for your book

✅ know what problem you are solving

✅ have at least one solid outline for your book

✅ finally be ready to start writing!

You’ll get clear on the right book to publish for your coaching, consultancy or educational business and create a clear outline.

We’ll take a deep dive into the what, who and how of your book and make sure it aligns with the business you want to have, and the expertise you want to be known for. 

Don’t write a book for the clients you have now if they’re not the clients you want to work with 3 years from now.

How does it work?

After you’ve booked your sessions, I’ll send you a step-by-step book mapping workbook which starts with a short questionnaire about your book ideas and your business.

Before we meet, I’ll take a look at your answers and we’ll both be as prepared as possible to get as much as we can from our session.

During our first session, we’ll work together to make sure you’re writing the right book for your business.

This first session will help you gain clarity around which book to write and how to shape it.

The second part of the process nailing your outline to make sure you’re off to a flying start with your book.

The first essential step to writing a great book is having clear foundations in place. 

Cost: £375.

Includes two 1-hour virtual sessions, a step-by-step book mapping workbook, plus feedback on any existing drafts and outlines and at least one suggested outline for your exceptional non-fiction book.