Book mapping intensive

with Dr Lizzy Tanguay

Your reader is waiting

Which book should I write?

How do I plan my book?

Where do I start?

If you need someone to get you started, then a 1:1 book mapping intensive over two sessions to nail the right idea and outline your book could be right for you.

Idea to outline

Book mapping intensive for coaches, consultants and educators.

Publish a book that will teach and transform lives.

Through this 1:1 service, you’ll get clear on the right book to publish for your coaching, consultancy or educational business and create a clear outline.

We’ll take a deep dive into the what, who and how of your book and make sure it aligns with the business you want to have, and the expertise you want to be known for. 

Don’t write a book for the clients you have now if they’re not the clients you want to work with 3 years from now.

  • Get laser sharp on the focus and message of your book
  • Define your reader
  • Outline the content of your book

How does it work?

After you’ve booked your session, I’ll send you a short questionnaire about your book ideas and your business.

Before we meet, I’ll take a look at your answers and we’ll both be as prepared as possible to get as much as we can from our session.

During the session, we’ll work together to make sure you’re writing the right book for your business.

This session will help you gain clarity around which book to write and how to shape it.

From coach to thought leader

This session is for you if:
  • You’ve been working with clients or teaching others for some time. 
  • You’re ready to finally write that book to position you as a the go-to expert, so you can reach more people, impact more lives and cut through the noise in the online coaching space.
  • You know writing a book is your logical next right step for your business, but you just don’t know which book to write!
  • You know what book you want to write, but you just want someone to help you clarify your ideas and outline a clear structure for the book so you can finally get started.
  • You have started writing about 15 different books, but just aren’t sure which one to go with!

Whether you are

  • A coach running a group programme or 1:1 programme that leads your clients to achieve a transformation or result
  • An instructor or educator with a wealth of knowledge in your subject
  • An educator turned entrepreneur, ready to bring your expertise to a wider audience

I can help.

 This 1:1 session will give you the clarity and and confidence you need to finally get your book started.

 After working with me you will:

  • know that you are writing the right book for the business you want to build
  • know who the audience will be for your book
  • know what problem you are solving
  • finally be ready to start writing!

Hilary Anthony, Equine Guided Facilitator and Holistic Coach

I have wanted to write this book for years, but it felt like a lot to take on. I am finally ready and with Lizzy’s help, I have the structure I need to actually make it happen.

I feel so much momentum and clarity now. Lizzy has a knack for truly hearing you and then helping you to weave what you’re hoping to say into an authentic message and feel for your book. Hilary

When you register for this 1:1 service you will:

Get clear on the topic and audience of your book

This is a crucial step whether you want to self publish or traditionally publish your book. Gaining clarity on why you are writing your book, who it’s for, and what’s unique about it will guide you through the writing process and is a key part of pitching and launching your book.

Outline your chapters

Key to writing a successful draft of a non-fiction book is having a detailed outline to follow (even if this changes later). That way, whenever you sit down to write, you’ll know what you’re supposed to be working on, where to start and how to write.

Choose the stories and lessons to fit your book

I’m pretty certain you have more stories and ideas in your head than you’ll be able to include in your book. Let’s pull out the best or decide which to save for book two!

The cost for this service is £195

Book now if you’re ready to finally write your book!


I feel overwhelmed by all the ideas in my head – can you help me?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your ideas, this 1:1 session is ideal. My zone of genius is helping writers get their complicated ideas organised and onto the page using my talk.write.done approach. 

I don’t feel confident with my writing – can you help me?

I have worked with writers of all skill levels, and I firmly believe that if you are reading this, you can learn to write well. But the first step to writing a great business book is getting laser sharp on the focus, message and outline of your book!

I don’t know whether I want to self publish or traditionally publish my book – is this for me?

Yes! Whichever publication route you choose to take, the first steps that we will go through in this session will give you the strong foundations needed for success.

Shirley Chang @shirleychangbooks

As a first-time author, I was given valuable advice not only about my book and on how to keep writing, but also to start my author platform.

As a result of our sessions, I started writing consistently and would encourage anyone thinking about book coaching to get in touch with Lizzy.

Thank you Lizzy, I love your excellent communications and being willing to look over my work to provide a better direction for where my draft is heading. Shirley

Shirley Chang @shirleychangbooks

As a writing coach, my mission is to help more educators share their message with the world and impact more lives.

In a world of instant gratification, internet influencers, and the 5-minute- transformation promise, I want to work with tomorrow’s thought leaders to produce quality, thoughtful books that have the capacity to provide REAL change and transformation.

Gaining confidence in my writing as well as publishing with a top-five publisher in my area of expertise has given me personal satisfaction and professional opportunities that I want you to experience as well! 


Lisa Tatum-Roehrig, freelance television producer

I am a very self-conscious writer. I had always played with a title, but never had more than a vague idea of what the actual book could be about. After talking to Lizzy, I really think I can write a book. She was so helpful. First, she listened then she offered ideas on how to take what I had said and format it into a book. Lizzy’s vibe is calm and kind. If you are wanting to write a book, do yourself a favor and reach out to Lizzy. Lisa

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