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About talk.write.done

I started this club because it’s the club I wish I’d had when I was starting my writing journey as a postgraduate student. Writing can be great when it’s going well, but often it’s lonely and it’s hard to get started. Join today to meet like-minded writers, have some fun and finally get that work done. I love social writing — will you join me?

Founding member price £10 for the first month then £35/ month.

About the membership

talk.write.done is a social writers’ club to help you get your writing done and have fun at the same time.

You might be writing:

Blog posts

Emails to your client base

Press articles

A book

Anything else you want to work on!

benefits include

Fortnightly accountability sessions.

Each accountability session is two hours – three short writing bursts of 25 minutes each plus talking time. You’ll meet like-minded writers, have some fun, and actually get your writing finished! Sometimes we’ll talk about our writing, sometimes we’ll talk about the trials and tribulations of the writing life, and sometimes we’ll just talk about life.

Expert speaker sessions.

Sessions are held live on Zoom.

Monthly workshops/ expert speaker sessions include the following topics:

Accountability session times are currently Thurs 2pm UCT (fortnightly).
Workshop times are currently 7/ 8pm UCT Mondays (1x month).
All times are subject to change to suit group members.

Success! You're on the list.

Great job! Lots of helpful things- the pomodoro method, the difference between brain dump and deep dive, and that I just need to schedule writing into my calendar! 


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