Power hour

with writing and productivity coach Dr Lizzy Tanguay

turbocharge your writing

Turbo charge your writing with this 1-hour coaching session


Limited spaces available through April/ May 2021

Turbo charge your writing

Do you want to get that book proposal finished or finally start that blog?

Did you start writing your book years ago but seem to have run out of steam?

Or do you just know you need to do some writing to help move your business forward, but haven’t the foggiest where to start?

Whether it’s overwhelm, lack of time, or lack of inspiration that’s holding you back from getting your writing project started, finished or out the door, I am here to help.

At the end of our power hour session together, you’ll be flowing with ideas to move your writing forward and know the EXACT next right steps to take.

The truth is, that as business owners, we either have to become writers or hire out the task. 

Writing can be overwhelming and putting our work out there can be scary. 

I spent way too many years struggling to write my doctorate, before developing strategies that helped me get that PhD, become a published author and learn to love writing.

In fact, I grew to love writing so much I have made a career out of writing and teaching others to write.

Since finishing my doctorate, I have further developed these strategies to help my clients get unstuck and make their writing dreams a reality.

With 18 years’ experience teaching writing at universities in the UK and Europe, and a doctorate in Applied Linguistics, I know just how to help writers choose the right words for their audience.

But writing isn’t all about the words on the page. That’s why I use a holistic approach in my writing coaching. My approach to writing covers writing mindset, message and craft.

I  believe that nobody is born knowing how to write but everyone can learn how to write.

I won’t just teach you how to write, but I’ll give you the tools to make sure you actually get your writing done and to make it a painless and enjoyable process.

About your power hour

We can use your power hour to work on your writing blocks, focus your message or hone your style.

Whether you are starting from scratch or well under way, this session will be tailored to helping you achieve success in your writing project.

Once you’ve signed up, I’ll ask you to let me know what you’d like to focus on during the session and to send me any drafts you’d like us to look at together.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

Lizzy has a wonderful way of looking at content and zooming in on where language and sentence structures can be ‘cleaned up’ and made more effective. I appreciated having a fresh pair of eyes on my website content and am looking forward to implementing the changes Lizzy suggested for me.

Joli Knott, Bodhi mindful. https://www.bodhimindful.com/

Feeling so inspired and creative today  after a 1:1 session looking through my website copy with Lizzy. I’m very excited to start getting my message clearer and start putting things out there. What a way to start the day! Thank you very much for your time today Lizzy. If you’re looking for help with your website/ copy, go check out @lizzytanguay

Sophie Crowley, founder of Azhar Healing

Just want to say thanks for your advice today about my paper/presentation and how to get started with an article. I feel less intimidated by the prospect, so thank you! Suzanne, founder, Love and Dijon @loveanddijon

Lizzy is a thoughtful teacher with relevant, easy to understand content and valuable practice steps for true learning and implementation. Her course took me from zero knowledge of blogging to a published blog and stockpile of posts ready to be published! Lara Kitts, special needs mama, larakitts.com/blog

Lizzy, I truly LOVED your writing event! You provided such a fabulous resource to share with us! Thank you for that! It was the simplicity of your questions that helped me to gain more clarity on how to describe my book. I am so happy that we connected and that I saw your offer! Thank you so much! I think you are brilliant and have so much to offer writers!! Connie Wirth, Writer and speaker 

Thank you so much for your help with this Lizzy and for your super speedy response!! I couldn’t have done it without your phenomenal editing skills!! I love how you have tightened the piece up, so thank you again! I look forward to working with you again soon, Lizzy. 

Joli Knott, Bodhi mindful. https://www.bodhimindful.com/

(I worked with Joli on an Interview piece published  in Authority magazine and later featured in Thrive Global)

Let’s get that writing done


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