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We learn to speak before we learn to write. I have seen time and again how talking brings clarity and allows writers to finally get their work done. That’s why talk, combined with proven productivity methods, is an integral part of my coaching and programmes.

talk. write. done.

talk. write. done. is a social writers’ club offering fortnightly accountability sessions, monthly workshops and exclusive access to a number of additional member benefits. Membership is £10 for the first month and then £35/month. I love social writing. Will you join me?

1:1 coaching session

I can help you from idea to book or with polishing your draft. Whether you need accountability, help with planning and structure or want to hone your style, my talk. write. done. approach will get you to your goal. Sessions are £50. Each session is 30 minutes plus 15 minutes pre reading time so please upload/ send any drafts in advance.

Writing your self-help book made easy

6-week programme starting 2021.

Writing your self-help book made easy

Limited spaces available.

Are you thinking about writing a self-help or how to book? This programme will provide you with the tools and space you need to get there. With weekly content as well as accountability sessions, you won’t just learn how to write your book, but you’ll come away having written a compelling proposal, complete with polished chapter samples and including all the winning elements you’ll need to communicate with publishers and agents.

Introductory price: £297

VIP level (includes two 1:1 coaching sessions): £397

This introductory offer includes bonus sessions with industry experts.

This programme is for you if:

– you want to write a self-help or how to book, but don’t know where to start;

– you have an idea for a self-help or how to book but need help getting your ideas to your readers;

– you think you might like to write a self-help or how to book but aren’t sure if it’s really something for you;

– you think you have an excellent idea for a self-help or how to book, but aren’t a confident writer;

– you have tried to write a self-help or how to book in the past but can never seem to find the time.

Possible topics for book topics include personal, emotional or spiritual growth, sport, nutrition, education, parenting or entrepreneurship. If you’re an expert in one of these topics or in something else, this course will teach you how to easily turn your knowledge into a compelling self-help or how to book that will position you as the expert in your field. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure of your exact focus — we can help with that. Don’t worry if you have too many ideas either, we’ll work through them and help you decide which idea to use for your first book!

Just think how amazing it will be to have that proposal out the door or that ebook ready to pre-sell.

What writers are saying:

I enjoyed that you gave us specific tasks to do and I came away with a clearer picture of how writing a book might actually happen. You did make writing a book seem easy! I love the workbooks you do. I love the way that you made the structure and content of the book seem doable. I loved the questions that you asked to get us writing. I loved the whole thing!


Lizzy, I truly LOVED your writing event! You provided such a fabulous resource to share with us! Thank you for that! It was the simplicity of your questions that helped me to gain more clarity on how to describe my book. I am so happy that we connected and that I saw your offer! Thank you so much! I think you are brilliant and have so much to offer writers!!

Connie Wirth

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